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I'm a Software Engineer from many places, currently working in Sydney.

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I often need to pass colours around projects and applications in HTML/CSS hex notation, which is simply a string of three values (red, green and blue) in hex, preceded by a hash. A nice shade of blue, for example, looks like this:

MacOS X's built-in colour picker is used all around the OS especially in Apple's apps. So, how do you get that colour of blue into Pages, for example? Easy right? You just need the red, green and blue values (16, 60 and 192) and you can put it into the colour picker using the RGB sliders:

Converting those hex digits in your head? Ain't nobody got time for that. And the same problem exists getting a colour back out of the colour picker; you have this great colour you want to use somewhere that takes hex notation, how do you convert it?

Luckily Mac OS X has extensible colour pickers. So the clever guys at rubicode wrote RCWebColorPicker, which lets you copy and paste colours in hex notation from the standard Mac OS X colour picker:

You can grab it from The RCWebColorPicker site.

To install it, open your Library (in Finder, hold Option and click "Go" then "Library"), open or create the folder "ColorPickers" and copy in the RCWebColorPicker file that's inside the DMG you downloaded before into it.