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I'm a Software Engineer from many places, currently working in Sydney.

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If you are not using Chrome already, you should be. It's the best browser out there today. It's evergreen (kept up to date automatically), and protects you from a number of nasties while browsing the web through sandboxing, the process-per-tab model and fairly solid implementation of the latest standards in web security. It'll tell you quite loudly when an SSL certificate doesn't match or when you are about to try and do something insecure.

But Chrome won't stop advertisers (like Google...) or large corporations spying on you, and it can do nothing to improve the speed of your browsing experience when you visit a site that contains a ton of analytics trackers and other clickstream junk.

That's where comes in.

It's a powerful extension for Chrome that automatically blocks traffic to tracking sites and notifies you when it does so. This has the pleasant side-effect of improving browsing speed; you'll notice speed improvements especially on higher latency or are starved under concurrency such as mobile data links.

Here's what happens when you look at with it:

Go grab it now! And don't forget to donate. Cool projects like this need support.