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I'm a Software Engineer from many places, currently working in Sydney.

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Wet Paint

This is my new blog. I’ve used a great many blog engines over the years and I’m gradually in the process of importing old and even ancient content from many ...



So a friend and I got drunk one night and made a game. We both have some views on political issues and we often disagree but we found common ground on our di...

Cloud Backed Rich Apps

So office for iPad is a big deal and I think it's another signal in Microsoft's reluctant readjustment to the changing software landscape that Apple catalyse...


User Experience issues in iOS 7

iOS 7's design has been both widely criticised and widely praised. Doing away with a great deal of the skeuomorphism present in previous iOS UIs, in many way...

Click To Edit Adventures in AngularJS

@jokeyrhyme was showing me some of the exciting stuff he's been doing with Drag and Drop in AngularJS and I didn't run screaming after seeing the code behind...

Hex Colours in MacOS X

I often need to pass colours around projects and applications in HTML/CSS hex notation, which is simply a string of three values (red, green and blue) in hex...