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Jeffrey Thompson

I'm a Software Engineer from many places, currently working in Sydney.

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Over the years I’ve worked on a number of pieces of software. I’m including some of them here, but most of them on my portfolio page. The stuff here is really just the bits and pieces that I’ve put together for fun in my spare time.

These are my side projects, if you will. The ones that made it off my laptop.

Flappy Abbott

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Flappy Abbott is a parody of Flappy Bird, made one drunken evening while drinking a few beers with a friend.

Bacon Ipsum node.js package

I really just wanted to play around with node.js and npm a little, and I guess I was hungry at the time so I put together a simple generator for bacon ipsum.


  • App Store (Paid, Free)
  • Google Play (Paid, Free) (currently down due to laziness)

A friend who was staying at my place overnight had to get to the airport the following day. He asked me how long it would take in a taxi, and approximately how much. I said I didn’t know, but I could work it out.

That inspired this app, which was also an excuse for me to play around with hybrid apps. It served its purpose, and informed me a great deal about the architecture, advantages and disadvantages of hybrid apps on mobile platforms.

Jamsh (archived)

JaMSH is Jeff’s alternative Monad Script Host. I wrote it ages ago when I was very much enamoured with PowerShell (it was called Monad at the time). I’m still a huge fan of powershell, but the project never made it around to the planned second iteration, which disappoints me somewhat. I intend to resurrect it at some point.

Old Timer (ancient)

I wrote this in 2003 when I was learning Windows CE. The PocketPC platform really inspired me. The description I wrote back then:

A multi-stopwatch with counters that survive even once you close the application, suspend your device or even soft-reset. Best of all, nothing is left running in memory, just start the application again and the values you see are as if you’d been running the application the whole time….

And a little screenshot for posterity.

I can’t even remember where I submitted it but it’s somehow still floating around if you google for the right things.