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I'm a Software Engineer from many places, currently working in Sydney.

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This is my new blog. I’ve used a great many blog engines over the years and I’m gradually in the process of importing old and even ancient content from many previous iterations of The current iteration is built using Jekyll; you can read an up to date description of what my blog is built with here, however for now I would like to just highlight the major difference between this and every previous blog I’ve had: It’s statically generated.

Why static generation?

Locally hosted sites cost a lot of time to maintain; you need database servers, web servers, even operating systems that you have to maintain and keep up to date. That tended to make me spend more time updating software than updating content.

So I decided to switch to cloud based hosting, first giving a try and then I’m over both of them; they are not very customisable at all, blogger’s theming is farcical. So where is the middle ground?

You can read a bit about how this blog is put together on my blog’s about page, but for now I would like to highlight the major drawcards:

  • Offline editing by default
  • Version controlled by default
  • Highly customisable
  • Minimal hosting requirements
  • Greatly reduced attack surface

There are also a great number of very well constructed themes to use or to modify for Jekyll. Since I have a strong preference towards Ruby for bits-and-pieces development work, it was the candidate that fit.

Kind and talented people have written importers for various other blogging platforms, so I’m intending to backfill the previous content that I have saved. There’s also a bunch of quite early content that I created that is up in, which I intend to start teasing out and putting back up here too.

And the fact that I am writing this post using my favourite editor is really the icing on the cake.